Designed by 2 Wildlife Damage Control Professionals with over 72 years of combined experience

Our company started in 2009 in a small northwest area of Montana. Our number one goal when we began developing this product was to create an animal capturing system that would bring us into the 21st century. Most foothold devices on the market today have actually been around for a couple hundred years and have changed very little. Our product combines a variety of methods to make animal capturing as selective, effective and humane as possible!

Improvements implemented include utilizing a kink-less chain plus a breakaway S-hook that is designed to release most larger non-target animals once captured. We also have a pan tension that helps avoid capturing most smaller animals. We were convinced that we were onto something that would change the trapping industry, as we knew it. Patents were filed and granted in the United States and Canada.

The earlier prototypes were made of aluminum and proved to be too expensive to manufacture so we designed a product that produced via injection molding using a tough durable ABS material. In 2016 the injected molded products became available. With the business up and going we have shipped units to over 38 states, several Canadian provinces as well as Nepal, Russia and New Zealand.

Many Federal, State and Tribal agencies are using our product today to capture a wide variety of animals. After 72 years combined experience in the animal capturing business, we strive to improve on existing methods and our #1 goal is manufacturing the most humane, selective and effective foot snaring system available on the market today.

We are also proud to say our products are molded, assembled and produced in Montana USA


Custom made Aluminum backs

The backs of the SAC1000 are constructed of high quality marine grade Aluminum and water jetted for fit and stability.

Quality control

Durable & Tough

Injected molded in Columbia Falls, assembled and shipped from the East Front. Our unit has proven time and time again for long lasting durability. Not only under extreme weather conditions but also through captures of a wide variety of animals in the US and several foreign countries.



Ready to go

Units are assembled one by one and tested. They are then boxed with all the components needed to set. Anchoring spikes, screws, brochure, & elevation springs