Universal Select-A-Catch®1000 Foot Snare device
1. Dig a shallow trench the length and depth of the Select-A-Catch®1000.
Place the unit in the trench and anchor by driving 3 to 5 spikes into the 5 holes at the base (Fig 1), and the hole at the end of the trigger housing. (Trapping Black Bears, all 5 spikes should be used).
2. Once the unit is anchored, insert a claw hammer, place your hand on top of the hammer and depress slightly downward while pulling the trigger block (Fig2) toward the base in one fluid motion until trigger engages.
3. When the trigger is locked and engaged, place a Safety Nail (Fig3) in the hole near the adjustment bolt (Fig 4) so it doesn’t accidentally fire, never place finger or hand into trigger housing when unit is set. Depress the pan to check tension. At this point, you can adjust the pan-tension while the Safety Nail is in place, clockwise increases pressure, counterclockwise decreases the pressure. Depress the pan firing the unit, check tension. Adjust to increase or decrease pressure, re-engage and depress again until the correct tension is achieved. This can be done by feel or by purchasing a fan belt tension gauge(not included). Units will be shipped at approximately 4 lbs. pan tension, unless strictly used for Black Bears, and then they will be shipped and set at the maximum pressure. A wax paper cover can be placed at this time over the pan area. The safety nail should be kept in place during the setting procedure.
a. Coyotes approximately 4 – 5 lbs.
b. Lions approximately 12 – 15 lbs.
c. Wolves approximately 12 – 15 lbs.
d. Black Bears maximum 30 lbs.
e. All Hogs approximately 4 – 5 lbs.
f. Larger Hogs approximately 12 – 15 lbs.
When finished testing tension or when pulling the unit, Place hammer in trigger block, with other hand depress pan to fire. This allows trigger block to slowly go back under pressure from the hammer.

We recommend placing a piece of wax paper slid down the 4 vertical wires covering the pan area. This helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the groove around the pan. It also helps in the winter to prevent icing. You are now ready to place the enclosed 11” snare loop (Fig 5) around the 4 vertical elevation springs. (Fig 6)
a. Make sure your chain is not twisted, adjust as shown in instructions if needed.
b. Insert Pulley Keeper RED (Fig 7) into the red trigger sled slide (Fig 8) hole. Make sure the hole and keeper are dry.
c. Place the Snare Keeper BLACK (Fig 9) into either one of the holes on the base depending on what side you are setting on.
d. Make sure the cable running through the pulley is curved naturally toward the black Snare Keeper (Fig 10). Be careful not to touch the pan or it will fire and you will have to re-engage it.
e. Once everything is set, and the snare is in place, remove the Safety Nail. Make sure keepers are fully depressed.
f. Place the trigger housing cover (Fig 11) on the neck of the unit. Place cover on top, completely covering the opening. Make sure the writing on the cover is towards the pan. Always test fire with housing cover in place to prevent the red snare keeper from disengaging upon firing.
g. Do not obstruct the pan area with debris such as sticks, and never cover with grass as this will catch in the snare and the animal may slip out once caught. Grass may be placed over the trigger housing.
h. Cover unit with a light amount of dirt or fine leaves, approximately 1/2" deep.

Place (Plastic or wax paper) over pan opening to prevent dirt and water from entering which may alter pan tension with accumulated dirt or by freezing. Never fire unit without the housing cover in place. Make sure RED and BLACK snare keepers are firmly in place. The keeper holes should be wiped dry if exposed to extreme moisture. Lightly cover pan with just enough dirt to conceal the unit.
The Select-A-Catch®1000 unit has a Limited Warranty. For best results, we recommend you use Select-A-Catch® patented snares with your Select-A-Catch® foot snare device. See website for detailed Limited Warranty.

The purchase, use and ownership of this unit are subject to various state, local laws and federal laws. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser or User to comply with those laws. Never insert fingers inside the set trap trigger housing. Keep fingers away from moving parts as serious injury may occur if the trap fires accidentally. Always wear safety goggles when setting. Animals, once captured are extremely unpredictable, use extreme caution. See website regarding disclaimer.

After season, SAC1000 can be stored in a variety of ways. Do not store unit in the set position between seasons. This type of unit has several clean outs and can be hosed out for better cleaning. If very dirty, the bottom cover may be removed. Never use a cordless screwdriver when inserting cover screws as it may strip the screw housing. Hand tighten only.
Check out more setting instructions with videos and pictures on this website. (See Video)